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Content Marketing

Create Useful and Interesting Things to Share

Relevant and Valuable Content

Content marketing is a strategy based on providing useful and interesting things for prospects rather than simply putting ads in front of them.

There are many different types of content that can be used in effective content marketing. Each medium has different advantages and different applications. Text, audio and video should each be used for maximum results. Each medium can be leveraged multiple ways as well. Text can be in the form of a blog  or social media post, a downloadable pdf or even an email. Audio can be directly embedded into sites and podcasts or it can be available in the form of a download such as an mp3. Video can be streamed live and it can also be recorded.

Content should be repurposed and produced in all mediums so that it is easy to find in ways that are easy to use.

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Content Marketing Tip

Creating content is not the only way to leverage content marketing. You can also add value by facilitating, currating or colaborating. People will establish positive associations with you and your brand when you provide them with value even when other people have helped to create those valuable things.