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Paid Advertising

Leverage the Reach and Authority of Popular Media




Paid Ads can be one of the most powerful lead generation sources available. Paid advertising has been around for a long time and has been the engine behind radio and broadcast TV. The Google empire was built on and exists almost solely for paid advertising. Paid Digital marketing is unique in that it allows you to track how well your advertising converts at every step of your funnel. By optimizing based on data you can take a scientific approach to incremental improvement and create more leads with every dollar spent.

Not everyone wins with paid advertising so it’s important to know what you want to achieve and measure your results. Many people get focused on likes, impressions and clicks that they don’t pay enough attention to actual leads and conversions. Advertising platforms are designed to make that behavior easy because it increases their profits. Smart marketers know how to continuously refine a campaign to eliminate wasted spend while maximizing opportunities.

Don't "set it and forget it"

It’s dangerous to let an advertising campaign run without management,  but that’s the approach many business owners want to take. In an effort to save money, they focus on cost rather than value and end up wasting money.

Good campaign management involves:

Keyword Research

Negative Keyword Removal

Bid Management

Ad Headline Testing

Ad Copy Testing

Landing Page Testing

Call To Action Testing

Image Testing

Audience Targeting