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Search Engine Optimization

Increase Visibility By Giving The Web Crawlers What They Want


Data Classification

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are designed to show users the right information at the right time. To do this they organize information through data classification. A common schema for structured data markup was created in 2011 at to give webmasters a way to help search engines understand how to classifiy individual webpages.

Awesome Search Engine Optimization

Awesome search engine optimization simply requires that you give search engines and users the information they need. When you get that combination right, great things can happen.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization includes the visible part of a web page and the code that is seen by search engines, and is all about helping the robots find the data they want to classify. In order to rank for a keyword the content of the page should include that keyword and other semantically related keywords. This indicates that the content is relevant to the topic. For example, using the text Awesome SEO Agency in Denver will improve the relavancy of this page for that term and may even help it to rank in Google searches for “Awesome SEO Agency in Denver” or “Awesome Denver SEO Agency”. Including keywords in page titles, descriptions, headings can all have an impact on SEO, and structured data markup is becoming increasingly important. User interaction on a site can even be a factor.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization includes everything else that happens online relating to your page. Search engines use this to determine authority when deciding which content to serve to users.  They expect to see a natural backlink profile for a website and will enforce a penalty for attempts at manipulation. They don’t want you to buy links and they want you to nofollow those you control. The best strategy is to create digital assets where your customers are and publish content that they want to engage with and share. Click To Tweet Social media shares and links from authority sites back to a web page will help to increase it’s authority. Off-page SEO can be done through syndication, but often times it requires manual submissions and relationship building.

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Time Saving Tip:

Don’t try to trick Google. People are often searching for loopholes and short cuts. Even when blackhat tactics do work they usually backfire in the long run. Your time and search engine optimization budget is better spent providing a good experience for your users and making sure search engines can find the information they need.

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