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Your photos reached a new record on Google Maps!

Photos On Google Maps

Google has created a local guide program to help encourage their best contributors to add even more information to Google Maps. They say “Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way.” It’s not entirely clear where Google will take this program in the future. They are building a community and connecting people in the real world, but that is probably a way to keep people interested and engaged. It is very clear that Google wants local guides to help them build out the content for local businesses. Local businesses have done a poor job of maintaining their local listings on Google and most don’t have rich profiles.

People Love Photos so Google Wants Photos

The first tip Google offers to new and prospective Local Guides is to “Say 1000 words with a picture”. Once you are a part of the local guide program, the mobile app will prompt you to add pictures to the map for new places you visit. After you add photos to the map Google will email you updates to let you know how many people are looking at your videos and encourage you to add more.

Your photos reached a new record on Google Maps!

Your photos reached a new record on Google Maps!

Interior Photos Perform Best

My testing shows that interior photos will get the most views. They also seem to be the most in need. Google vans drove around taking pictures of everything they could from the street view but they didn’t go inside. People want to see what your business looks like on the inside to get a good feel for what their experience will be like. Google has promoted interior photos and videos and has even tried to connect business with local photographers to make it as easy as possible, but the cost and effort involved prevented many business owners from taking action. The Local Guide program is a way to encourage and even incentivize people for adding photos.

Photos Get The Most Clicks

Google My Business reports the different ways that people engage with your Google My Business Listing. They report how many people; click to call your phone number, request directions to your location, click-through to your website, and click to view your photos. Chances are that more people who visit your page will view your photos than all other actions combined. Make sure you upload photos that make it easy for your prospects to decide to become customers.

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