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Social Media Sites

Massive Audience Plus Social Proof

Your Presence on Social Networks

Social media sites are some of the most important places where you can list you business online and one of the easiest ways to be where your customers are.

Social networks bring millions of potential customers together and provide your business with an opportunity to be found, engage and add value.

Social media networks are built on one thing: Social Proof - The idea that humans like and do what we observe other humans doing, especially the people we care about and spend the most time with. People like and do what their friends like and do. Social media is a way for people to easily observe what their friends like and do and has become an incredibly powerful tool for social selling.

/Most popular social media sites offer advertising opportunities, and if you are serious about getting leads from social media than you should consider paid placements. The ads occupy some of the most valuable space on the page, and you can only be there if you pay to play.

Social Media Time Saving Tip:

You don’t need to be listed on every social media site that exists. Having a “ghost town” abandonded profile can sometimes do more harm than good. Focus on the social media sites where your ideal customer spends the most time and provide maximum value there.