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Be Where Your Customers Are

Location, Location, Location

Awesome Digital Marketing means that you have a presence where your customers spend their time. Different channels attract different audiences so it’s important to know where your customers are. Major channels like Google, Facebook, Amazon and iTunes allow you to reach nearly every demographic and target audience using paid and organic methods. Niche directories, review sites and other social media platforms can be extremely effective ways to put your business in front of your ideal customer at just the right time.

The Mobile revolution put the internet in the palm of our hands. People depend on their mobile phones for everything from communication through email, text and calls, to information like directions and reviews and entertainment in the form of social media and games. Your customers are spending an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices which means your business must be mobile friendly.

Read below for specific strategies you can use to be be where your customers are.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are one of the best ways for you to be where your customers are. Read more to learn where you need to be.

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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is a powerful lead generation method and has long been the revenue engine for radio and broadcast TV. Learn what you need to know here.

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