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Customized Social Media Profiles

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Social media can be a great source of new customers for your business because people can discover your through search and through sharing which has an element of social proof. If people discover your business through social media but see an unprofessional profile, you could lose potential customers. Customized social media profiles help you make a great first impression and turn visitors into leads.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your business online. Social media platforms provide a free way for businesses to reach new and existing customers. Consumers have come to expect businesses to have social media profiles and not having them can lead to a loss of credibility. Even worse, having poorly created social media profiles can lead customers to think that a business is also poorly run. Simple mistakes like typos or images that aren’t cropped properly can make a profile look extremely unprofessional and severely damage credibility.

Customized social media profiles can help you leverage the power of social media marketing by presenting a consistent brand message across multiple established channels.  Your social media profiles should include a good description of your business and your services and what makes your business unique in the marketplace. A great profile also includes Custom cover images and/or backgound images and profile images. Click here to get access to our free social media optimization checklist!

Time Saving Tip:

Connect your social media accounts and other digital properties to increase your distribution. It’s usually not a huge concern that you are sharing the same information in multiple places, because most people will only see it in one place. You will always see the greatest bennefit from any platform when you add native content and should do so as much as possible. Native content and authentic engagement are essential therefor any time saving automation should be used carefully.

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